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A Pondless Waterfall is simply a waterfall without the pond; the perfect solution for small spaces or family homes with small children. This is also the ideal water feature for the front of the home since it can be tucked into any corner. Children will spend hours playing in and around this system. Our Pondless Waterfall kits contain all the necessary components to create beautiful pondless water features.

May We Suggest

39000 300 Watt pond Heater/De-icer
USD$ 103.98
61001 8" Weighted Aeration Disc for #61000 Pond Air Pro
USD$ 40.49
75005 Pond Air Replacement Aeration Disc (qty 1) - for #75000 & #75001
USD$ 3.98
75004 Pond Air 4 Replacement Diaphragm Kit (2/pkg) - for #75001
USD$ 22.38